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Thanks to CSS Import for the link

Peter F, 01 November, 2005 0 Comments

Thanks to the fine folk at css import for including us in their catalogue of fine sites. It’s a honour and a privilege to be included again. Thanks!——-

To Grow: THAT is the answer

Peter F, 01 November, 2005 0 Comments

Note: also posted on Almost Cool, Peter’s personal blog. After consulting with a number of people I know and trust, I’ve made the decision...

Journey of Hope

Peter F, 28 October, 2005 0 Comments

During the second world war, 30,000 Jews managed to escape from Austria and other parts of Europe, and made a new life for themselves...

Recognition and thanks

Peter F, 25 October, 2005 0 Comments

A very heartfelt thanks to the fine folks at screenspire for including The Blog Studio’s redesign in their collection of outstanding sites. A huge...

Blogs getting some Inc.

Peter F, 24 October, 2005 0 Comments

Sorry for the pun, I couldn’t help myself. Congratulations to everyone at The Gourmet Station for the wonderful coverage on your blog in Inc...

It’s name is flock. It rhymes with rock. Flock is a BIG IDEA (cue the kettle drums). It takes browsing the web and seamlessly...

Ok, this one is WEIRD! Online, your reputation is your life. I am proud of the fact that we’re building our business by doing...


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