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A few thoughts on mood as it pertains to web design. As I mentioned in my first post about redesigning this site, mood boards feature prominently in my design process. A mood board is an old-school graphic design tool. In essence, one gathers up any and all things that give the designer a sense of

WordPress Helper Sheet

Mike Dolan, 06 September, 2006 0 Comments

i’ve had this posted on my blog for some time now, but I thought i’d try and spread the word a little more by...

For those of you just turning in, check out part 1 of this series, where I describe why I’m redesigning, and why you’ve...

I’m a baaaad baaad designer. That’s the only reason I can give as to why I’m never happy with my own websites. See, it’s...

Lucia on G4 Tech TV

Peter F, 29 July, 2006 0 Comments

The Blog Studio’s own managing director, project manager, and chief bottle washer Lucia Mancuso appeard on TechTv yesterday to talk about blog design trends,...

  Elsewhere around the blogsphere, I’ve been poo-pooing my own redesign of this site. It’s not that I don’t like it per se. More...

Diary of a Rockstar

Peter F, 17 July, 2006 0 Comments

Thought you might like to see what some of us do in our off time. Our very own Mike Caputo recently re-launched diary of...


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