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Blog Design: Hello my name is Scott

Peter F, 13 September, 2007 0 Comments

It started at the airport. I was waiting for my flight to be called, when I recognized a guy sitting a few rows away from me. More specifically, I recognized his name tag. “Hello”, it read. “My name is Scott”. “Hey Scott!” I said with some excitement as I walked up to him. “I read

Shortly after the launch of Michelle Malkin’s new site, Ed Morrissey from the Captain’s Quarters blog approached us about redesigning his extremely popular blog....

Since I posted How to Increase Subscribers by 50% in 30 Days, the subscriber numbers have increased their rate of growth. We’re now looking...

Everyone wants more subscribers. I recently made a couple of changes to this site with the aim of growing our subscriber base. To date,...

We’re in the midst of rolling out some changes to our site. It’s not so much a redesign, as a re-align. Having lived with...

You’ve been  at this blogging thing for a while now. The initial surge of WOO HOO has worn off. You survived the inevitable downward...

WP 2.1 Impressions

Peter F, 22 January, 2007 0 Comments

I installed WordPress 2.1 on Almost Cool tonight. These are my initial impressions.   The login screen is puurrrrty. users have been looking...


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