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Designing Below The Fold

Miguel Syyap, 15 May, 2013 0 Comments

above the fold

Just because users spend most of their time above the fold it doesn’t mean that you need to design your blog or website that way. What about designing in a way that is enticing and builds up a reader’s excitment to see what is … dare I say it… below that fold. The digital era

Right this second, there are 50 million blogs running on WordPress. That number seems insane, but it’s true. It gives you some perspective on...

Powerful Impact: Branding With Colours

Lucia Mancuso, 08 October, 2009 4 Comments


Colour selection is a key element when building a strong brand. At The Blog Studio, colour selection has always been an element that clients...

New Thody Blog

Peter F, 04 September, 2008 0 Comments

The guy starts working at The Blog Studio, and suddenly he’s blogging again. Good to see we’re a positive influence. Check it out.

Early this year, we helped to launch Primetime Politics. Using a couple of honest-to-god-human political experts, Primetime looked at the best political content on...

New site: Bumblee Blog

Peter F, 21 February, 2008 0 Comments

Most of the work we do is business-related. It’s not often we get the chance to really get wild and totally creative. So when...

I’ve just redesigned, my personal blog almost cool. Rather than try to find the time to come up with insight or original thought, I’ve...


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