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Welcome, WordPress 3.6!

Savannah, 22 April, 2013 1 Comment



Photo Credit: LenSlider

Spring has (sort of) sprung and we’re anxious to kick off a new season of exciting projects! As it happens, the good people at WordPress have also been busy bees – WordPress 3.6 is due to release in early May, and with it comes some very promising updates.

Here are some of the features that have us excited:

Post, Formatted:
Wordpress has really cleaned up their Post interface. The template is more user friendly, and the larger, cleaner icons remind users of the different formatting fun you can have with your post.

Embed YouTube Videos Seamlessly, Endlessly:
This is a feature that I’m personally excited about. Gone are the plug-ins needed to embed a YouTube video directly into your post. Simply copy and paste the video URL into your post et voila: your favourite video will appear in its full, embedded form. You can even play the video and resize it before your post goes live. WordPress is making it that much easier to share great content.

Multiple Author Blogs Rejoice:
Multiple author blogs can get messy when it comes to editing history and overlapping edits. Nothing is more frustrating than mismanaging posts and over-writing edited work. WordPress 3.6 features an improved post locking function. Previously, an often over looked red box would appear at the top of the screen when someone was working on a post, flagging the new comer that you are impeding on someone’s work. Now, a pop up box will appear with an avatar of the person who is currently working on the post. You have the option of leaving the post, previewing it, or ‘taking over’ editing the post  and kicking the other person out. You will be much more aware of your actions, and the editor will get a notification when they are kicked out, improving the lines of communication.

Furthermore, WordPress has upped its revision management game, and will track all revisions and offer a side-by-side screen presentation of two different edits of a post. You can recall earlier versions of a post and recall any changes made. Need to revert to an older version of a post? Not a problem. WordPress tracks all revisions made, and you can easily revert to older formats.

These are three of the top improvements we’re really looking forward to. When WordPress 3.6 rolls out in a few weeks, we’ll be on board. Have any questions about upgrading your WordPress? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out!

One Response to “Welcome, WordPress 3.6!”

  1. Alan Smith

    WordPress 3.6 has very cool and excited features…. Eagerly waiting for its release.

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