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A new brand that we can get behind: YOGASMOGA

Lucia Mancuso, 10 April, 2013 3 Comments

Once every so often I discover a business that makes my heart leap. The business fires on all cylinders and creates an experience that is perfect from all angles. For me this happens when I’m walked through a great digital experience, the messaging for a business is clear and speaks to me, the graphics, the language, the people behind the machine – all of it stops me in my tracks for a moment of deep appreciation. This was my experience when I stumbled upon YOGASMOGA.

I follow dozens of clothing brands in the yoga space, websites about yoga & mindfulness and I’ll try out any health or fitness app in existence. It takes a lot to really impress me so when it it happens I need to share it.

I had to reach out to the folks at YOGASMOGA to let them know my appreciation and Rishi Bali invited me to their offices and to see the line in person. We discuss his passions, how YOGASMOGA came about, corporate responsibility, believing in quality and the importance of making partnerships with like minded businesses. Nothing makes me happier than sitting with a fellow entrepreneur that shares my commitment to quality, passion and kindness.

To keep it simple I’ve listed out what I appreciated most about the company:

1. The name: ADORABLE, fun and addicting to say.

2. An amazing mission statement: “We are YOGASMOGA. We make things for life – One breath at a time.” It’s was the “one breath at a time” that got me. Whenever I see the word breath it reminds to take a deep one, something we all need to do more often. Any long time practicing Yogi knows the importance of breath in Yoga and yet I haven’t seen a mission statement for any yoga business incorporating it perfectly like this.

3. Models that aren’t all size 0 or 2. It’s about time.

4. Innovation – they believe karma works in harmony with innovative. Anyone or anything that balances science & spirituality is awesome in my books.

5. Excellent website content – loads of well written information about who they are, their values, ethics and yoga principles. The brand voice is lovely and consistent throughout the entire site and all marketing materials.

6. A beautifully designed and fun website. Click around and you’ll discover little surprises. (We do think they should have a blog – of course)

7. You can feel the love and passion from this team and it reflects in their product. Their are many details and design elements put into the line. I’m a big believer that it’s all in the details and clearly they believe it too.

I knew from the moment I stumbled upon this website that I’d be YOGASMOGA’s cheerleader thoughout the years. I’m looking forward to watching them grow and seeing how they evolve.


3 Responses to “A new brand that we can get behind: YOGASMOGA”

  1. Sarada

    I completely agree. Rishi Bali and his team have seriously taken on their work with a humble yet serious mission statement. Their products are extremely well made and Rishi and his staff are super courteous friendly and accommodating. I am one happy smogi!!! All the very best to YOGASMOGA


  2. Katherine

    True, i just got the Crop and the Yantra Tank and fits perfect, the fabric is exquisite, i already order the leggins. I loved it!

  3. Lucia Mancuso

    Sarada and Katherine – I’m so happy you are both happy smogis. I feel horrible for all my other yoga gear – the Yoga Smoga fabric feels so amazing that I’ve completely neglected all other yoga clothes in my closet. Best yoga gear I’ve ever worn and I own a lifetime supply.

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