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Know Your Website Comment System Options

Josh, 12 March, 2013 3 Comments

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When you write a great blog post you’re always hoping to start a conversation. You hope to engage your readers, have them leave their comments and start a discussion that involves both you and your community.

After you’ve written and posted your content the question becomes this: Which is the best comment moderation system for your website?

There are multiple options for comment moderation available and each one brings to the table its own pros and cons. I sat with our development team to learn more and there doesn’t seems to be a clear winner in the field, but one thing is for sure – there are programs that are more popular than others. Our list of the most seen/used comment moderation systems includes:
- Disqus
- Livefyre
- Intense Debate
- Facebook commenting
- WordPress and Blogger default commenting systems

Facebook may be the most recognizable name but it is perhaps the least functional of all of the options.

  • It notify commenters’ friends when they engage with your post
  • It includes the Like feature
  • It does prevent a certain level of spam and trolling by making all commenters sign into their Facebook account before leaving a comment


  • Only Facebook users can comment on your posts
  • Users are not able to make any anonymous comments when discussing sensitive topics and in any environment where Facebook is blocked (like workplaces or schools).

Intense Debate was developed and released by the creators of WordPress, which gives it an edge in compatibility with WordPress websites. While it hasn’t been around as long as Disqus, it’s key attributes are:

  • Notifications to commenters when follow up comments have been made
  • Twitter sign in
  • OpenID
  • Guest sign in
  • Commenter reputation and comment voting options


  • The largest drawback seems to be increased moderation requirements compared to some other options

Livefyre seems to be gaining popularity in the commenting game.

  • It’s most redeeming quality is it’s mobile friendly layout
  • Real time comments
  • Email notification on follow up comments
  • “@” messages between commenters in threads
  • the ability to ban abusive commenters


  • Need to sign in and comment using Livefyre, Facebook or Twitter only – no guest access available
  • Because Livefyre is a newer option, it hasn’t yet picked up as much popularity as some competitors

Disqus is the most popular option on the list.

  • More users signed up and more websites using it than the other options brings – familiarity and access to commenters
  • Ability to sign in with Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, OpenID and as a Guest
  • Supports blacklist/ whitelist and word filtering as a way of auto-controlling incoming comments/spam
  • Real time commenting
  • Ability to add pictures and videos to comments.


  • The most commonly mentioned cons for Disqus is comment migration when adding or removing it from a site
  • Can also slow down the load time of your website

All of the options available have their advantages and disadvantages, and there are definitely more options available than the 4 we’ve reviewed above.

As always, we recommend looking at all of your options and asking questions before you decide to make a change or try something new with your website. Remember, no matter which comment moderation system you use, your content needs to compel your readers to join the discussion!

Please share what commenting system you use and any pros and cons you’d like to add to our list.

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  1. flashmanblack

    this is wonderful passage which explain the comment system in blogging in a plain tongue.

  2. heccblack

    spamming always be huge problem for all website admin.

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    Nice post …

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