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WordPress 3.5, Update On The Way!

Josh, 06 December, 2012 0 Comments

WordPress 3.5 is almost here! The newest update to the host of more than 20% of the world’s websites is close to release and will soon be ready for download.

Update: WordPress 3.5 is now available! The launch date was pushed back from the original target of December 5 to December 11.

There are some changes coming with the update to WordPress 3.5, and one of them is something that you will probably notice right off the top. Twenty Twelve has become the new default theme and is now available for download if you want to test it or see how it may change your website if you are currently using WordPress 3.4.2 or higher. Twenty Twelve is a fully responsive theme that will adjust to fit the screen size for anyone who stumbles across your site on their desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

There are also updates coming to the media management and how you upload photos, arrange galleries, insert images into posts, and more. These changes will make media handling easier and more intuitive as an overall experience in WordPress for users of all backgrounds, experience levels and needs. The simplified process is easy to learn, easy to use and allows you to work quickly with your media uploads. It’s a large scale upgrade from the developers at WordPress and it will be interesting to see if the reaction from users equals the time and effort that the team has put into the changes.

Added to WordPress 3.5 is something that bloggers have been waiting for (somewhat patiently) for quite some time now, a Tumblr importer support. While everyone loves Tumblr, it certainly doesn’t match up with WordPress when it comes to customizable options and development. Now that you have the option of importing all of your Tumblr posts that you love, you can start with a better system and have a better website.

Here are some instructions for setting up your Tumblr import from On the Settings > Import page, you can now activate Tumblr import support. Warning: The process of importing Tumblr is a little kludgey and that is due to Tumblr’s own systems. You will need to register an app with Tumblr, enter certain key information about your WordPress install into the Tumblr app registration page, and copy certain key information into WordPress.

Wordpress 3.5 will also give you the chance to browse and install plugins that you have marked as favorites on, right from your dashboard. It’s an addition that could become very helpful to developers who have plugins that they find themselves using on a regular basis. Anything that saves time and is easy to use is a win. You can also search user names to see what plug-ins other developers have marked as favourties which is a great way to make better websites based on the sites that you like.

Another change is the removal of the Link Manager or Blogroll. The change means that all link management will have to be done through plugins moving forward. Many people saw the old Blogroll system as antiquated since WordPress is being used as a full scale website development tool more now than ever before and many professional web developers using WordPress seem to be happy that this old school feature has been removed.

Other changes include:
- Retina Display Admin to allow for more clarity in print versions and better resolution and rendering on high end Macs, iPhone 5, iPad 3, Kindle HD and many new Android devices.
- A simplified welcome screen and dashboard for new users which should make starting with WordPress easier for new website developers and bloggers.
- A more advanced color picker to assist in everything design related in your day to day use of WordPress.
- A new look on the buttons on your add new post screen that removes the rounded edges and goes with a cleaner, squared up look.
- Improved keyboard navigation and screen reader support for easier day to day use and management of your WordPress website.

As always, remember to back-up all of your files and information before you upgrade to the newest version of WordPress or give us a call and we’ll help you upgrade.

Keep your eyes on the web for reviews and information as more users and developers start using their update, and let us know what you think of the NEW WordPress 3.5!

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