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Why your site should be using a Responsive Design

Josh, 15 August, 2012 2 Comments

Responsive Design is:

  • Inclusive
  • Adaptible
  • Cost Effective
  • Efficient
  • Probably your best option

With no shortage to the screen sizes, user preferences and devices that your website is being viewed on today (yes, today) it is important that you have a design that allows for the best user experience possible at all times for all people. Responsive design allows for a preferable user experience while ensuring that the information that you want to show is included, available and convenient.

The Blog Studio has been using responsive layouts on client websites for close to a year and we use responsive design as the #1 option when a client comes in looking for a new website or a redesign of their current web property.

While designing a responsive website may include more planning and build time, with a higher cost up front, it will save you time, money and frustration in the mid and long-term. Imagine looking at ONE web solution for both personal computers and mobile devices of all display sizes. That option of removing multiple apps, designs and support for specific platforms is already a measurable savings of time, money and resources!

Example: Your website has a thumbnail photo gallery in the sidebar and text link navigation when viewed on a desktop. However, when viewed on a mobile device’s smaller screen you’d like to clean that up by removing the sidebar photos as they’ll be much smaller and impossible to enjoy – you also want to change to a drop-down navigation menu to better use your space. Responsive design lets you do that with ONE website!

The day to day and long-term benefits to using a responsive layout are many. Not only will you save time on future updates to the design and functionality of your website moving forward, you will also streamline your content posting process by moving everything to one place. Create your content, post once and allow everyone can see it. A responsive layout also removes any chance of someone sharing a link to your content that is not compatible with the device that it is opened with.

With an estimated 10% of web browsing happening on mobile devices worldwide and growth coming year after year, mobile can not be ignored in your web strategy. The maintenance, software version updates, content uploads, and other day-to-day work is exponentially increased by giving yourself multiple web properties to work with.

Not everyone is in need of a top-of-the-line mobile solution. Know your site’s audience and requirements. However, if you see mobile as a large part of your plan and you know how important it is going to be moving forward, you should be considering responsive design as an option.

Everybody’s doing it.

2 Responses to “Why your site should be using a Responsive Design”

  1. Sid

    Responsive designs are awesome in so many aspects as you have outlined above. The aspect that I often have difficulty dealing particularly in the case of WordPress themes is resizing or scaling of video as video does not scale the way image scales up or down depending on device being used for viewing.

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