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Lucia Mancuso, 28 July, 2010 3 Comments

I am still reeling from the physical reality of the iPad itself, along with the deluge of applications that come along with it. Recently launched ‘Flipboard’ is causing quite a stir. Is it set to shake things up, or do we have another Google Wave on our hands? The personal online magazine features intuitive content, while also allowing the user to interact with his/her social media profiles. The word on the street is that ‘Flipboard’ will revolutionize the entire publishing industry. Seems like revolutions are coming along with much more frequency these days.

What do I mean by intuitive content? Why could ‘Flipboard’ be so revolutionary? ‘Flipboard’ is a multi-faceted application with impressive RSS reader functionality, and the ability to personalize content from your Facebook friends and Twitter tweeps. The application design is so intelligent because it makes an accurate assumption that one draws from and informs themselves via their online community of friends, tastemakers and colleagues. ‘Flipboard’ calibrates the information found in your social media pages and presents content in an attractive, user-friendly and totally individualized online magazine. This means that all retweets, ‘likes’, and links will be laid out in your personalized magazine just for you. Content updates in real time, so it stays timely and fresh.

‘Flipboard’ is considered to be such a breakaway app because it makes it simple to wade through mountains of content in a short period of time. Consider the length of time involved in downloading and reading each unique newspaper or magazine application on your iPad, in addition to engaging with social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.? ‘Flipboard’ simplifies all of this and creates a platform for the user to peruse, interact and inform themselves through an ‘eye pleasing’ magazine interface. Best of all? It’s free!

‘Flipboard’ CEO Mike McCue released a statement last week communicating that popularity and consumer demand have grown ‘clearly beyond our wildest expectations.” Upon launch, the company introduced a ‘first come first serve basis’, which has now become problematic as demand exceeds serviceability. ‘Flipboard’ has dealt with this prudently: they have put an invitation system in place whereby people can download the new version of ‘Flipboard (1.0.1)’ and reserve an appointment for setup. McCue’s goal is to expand accordingly and soon disable the invitation system so that transfer is immediate.

In the meantime, you can request your invitation and keep tabs on the ‘Flipboard’ public content via @flipboard and You can also enjoy their promotional video here:

3 Responses to “Flipboard”

  1. raycool

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    Very helpful information here. Will definately come back to read more articles.

  2. Marketing Digital BH

    Very very nice post!!!! The IPAD as occured with Iphone will change the world of communication!

  3. miere

    This is truly a step forward. I think technology has made many steps
    forward in recent times and will do. I was expecting another technology
    boom, which is good. This version is superior to the previous one


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