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NXNEi Recapitulations

Victoria Kuketz, 22 June, 2010 0 Comments

What a whirlwind NXNEi was for The Blog Studio. We dove right last week to join and learn from the digital conversation. NXNE’s panelist speakers really brought the heat and we were totally blown away by these Social Media leaders and their simple yet brilliant insights. Everyone from our idol Ze Frank to Unmarketing’s Scott Stratten were on the scene to direct, challenge and inspire the new direction of social media.

As we mentioned last week, our President Lucia Mancuso and Lead Strategist Mike Dolan were panelists on two widely anticipated and warmly received panels on the politics and authenticity of Social Media. Our The Blog Studio team was out in full attendance to soak in the sights and the sounds…we brought back key points from our friends that we would like to share with you. We were challenged, inspired and totally had our creative energies renewed:

Challenge: Mike Dolan’s panel kicked things off and certainly set the tone for the week. He and fellow panelists had one clear message: Be Informed and Be Real. Too much of the social mediasphere is being inundated with people who have zero qualifications yet massive influence. It’s also problematic that people share and express things online that they would never utter out loud, it’s important to practice the same social graces and manners that one would in the outside world: take your rules of “real world social engagement” and apply them to your social media accounts. That is how you ensure genuine connections online.

It’s also important to screen what you post; for instance there is really no need to check into your own apartment from 4square because it becomes an “overshare” and reduction of quality. Panelist Andrew Lane gave excellent advice, “Give things to people and hope they will share and enjoy them. Create things that are valuable.” It was an excellent panel and it was worthwhile to hear a candid discussion on social media. They really up’ed the ante…these men are ready to exclusively share their online realties with responsible and inspired users.

2) Create: Next up was the scintillating Scott Stratten who started out with “Everything I know I learned at Lee’s Palace.” He’s also a straight shooter and told us that he lives by three basic principles “Know, Like and Trust.” If you hold this as your goal in social media, business and beyond you will have something of value to offer.

Next up was “The Architects of Community” featuring Erica Ehm of the Yummy Mummy Club who spoke on the subject of “human curation.” She built an incredibly successful network for mother’s to share, seek counsel and advise on parenthood. Ehm built something she cared about and found a strong need for in her own life. What’s the lesson here friends? Again, it’s authenticity—it was a unifying thread for all of the panels—build something that you care about, speak honestly, evoke emotion and that will breed success.

3) Inspire: The afternoon featured “Thank You For Being A Friend” where Lucia and fellow industry colleagues discussed gender, politics and their own personal journey. Panelists agreed that setting clear goals, seeking out mentors, and asking questions were elements of success. Bottom line, information is free, it is up to you to go after it regardless of your gender, orientation or goals. These women were powerful and it really spoke to emerging tech gals… it gave us confidence.

To close the interactive section of the conference we were treated to Ze Frank…it’s hard to say in a few sentences the impact this man creates. He made us laugh, he made us cry and ultimately, defied what is thought possible for human and web connectivity. We love him☺

Did any of you head out to NXNEi? We would love to hear your experiences so write to us and comment. Let’s keep the conversation going!

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