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Meet our New Staff

Lucia Mancuso, 26 May, 2010 4 Comments

It’s been a great couple of months at The Blog Studio, thanks to you,
our clients. We’ve recently completed quite a few projects that we see
as our best work to date.  According to all of you, you like our
work as well, and because of this we’ve been busier than ever.

In order to keep up with all our new projects, and continue to provide
you with same level of service and individual attention you’re used to,
we’re expanding. We’d just like to take a moment of your time to
introduce you to the new members of our staff, here online. You’ll have a
chance to meet everyone in person very soon.

The Blog Studio team has grown by three. We now have a dedicated
Account Director Nalin, and PR Intern, Victoria.  As our Account
Director, Nalin will be overseeing the daily business operations and
acting as a point of contact for all of The Blog Studio Clientele.
He is a business administration expert, and we are excited for all of
you to meet and chat with him. That will be easy because Nalin is ultra
friendly and loves to talk. He is the go-to-guy for information on
planning your projects, status updates, day-to-day questions or any
information you might require while working with The Blog Studio. While
Nalin knows the business side of things, he’s also a well trained web
designer and developer, so he can answer your technical questions and
help you make sense of any aspects of your project that might require
translation into plain English. He’s the guy that will make sure your
project is done on time, on budget, and works just the way you want it

Victoria will be working in our PR division, creating web content for
our blog, sharing new ideas, chatting away on Twitter and keeping up on
social media trends. She’s a dedicated blogger herself, and enjoys
interacting in the real life and online.

We’d also like to take a second too formally introduce you to Michael
Dolan, who heads up strategy and outreach at The Blog Studio. Michael
has been with us for a while, and many of our clients have had a chance
to work with him in the last year. In fact, he’s so busy on all of our
projects we haven’t had a chance to properly introduce him. He’s a PR
vet with many years of agency and in-house experience. As on old-school
geek, Michael is always on the bleeding edge of the tech scene and his
one-of-a-kind creative strategies have been widely praised everywhere
from Wired Magazine to the NY Times.

So I invite you to get to know them and what makes them tick. Here is a little Q&A and some info about our new friends:

Account Director:

Nalin is a
graduate of McMaster University, and also Web Design Development at
Humber College.  He then began freelancing for tech companies in
Toronto learning the ropes before joining the team at The Blog
Studio.  He has an eye for design, development skills and is a damn
friendly fellow.  Nalin is a truly gifted communicator who
specializes in bridging the gap between the deep tech world and everyone
else. Nalin spends his days riding hard on all The Blog Studio projects
to ensure that every client gets exactly what they want at the end of
the day.  When he’s not keeping the wheels greased at work, you can
find him following the NBA (Go Raptors!), swinging a tennis racket or
hanging from a climbing rope somewhere. He’s excited to take on new
challenges at the Blog Studio and brings things to a whole new level.


1) What are you most passionate about? I am most passionate about communicating and forming new relationships with people.

2) What is your favorite ice cream flavour? Mint chocolate chip!

3) What is your twitter handle? @nalins

4) What social network do you love the most? Twitter, because Facebook is just starting to get creepy.

5) What piece of software is your favorite? I would have to say Coda for
Mac, it’s a great development tool and lets you do so much through a
simple interface.

6) What can’t you live without? My macbook.

7) Mac or PC? Mac. They are much more stable and have better applications for what I do on a daily basis.

8) Favorite Website? Probably something sports related, maybe…

9) Gamer? If so expand on favourite games? Used to be. I loved strategy
games. Age of Empires, Starcraft, Command & Conquer. Goldeneye and
Mario Kart for N64 were classics.

PR Intern:

Victoria is a devotee
of all things surrounding design and social media.  She’s a social
butterfly that combines her gift of gab with an innate ability to write
publicity love notes on all of her favourite subjects.  Having
studied English Lit and Communications at UofT, she’s written for Holt
Renfrew—who deems her work “truly inspired,” Toronto’s,
The Varsity and her own blog Rosebuds&Rascals. She draws influence
from classic concepts of aesthetics as well as from her diverse
background; her vision is created through a mash-up of eastern and
western textures and flavours.  When she’s not tweeting her heart
out (a rare occasion) you can find her in a yoga studio or patio
hopping. She is really excited to working at the Blog Studio and putting
her creative eye to use.


1) What are you most passionate about? International Travel and photography in search of beauty (in all its obscure forms.)

2) What is your favorite ice cream flavour? Roasted Marshmallow from Greg’s Ice-cream.

3) What social network do you love the most?

My blog I’m constantly updating it and it’s my vehicle for being fearlessly self-expressive.

4) What is your twitter handle? @lolakuketz

5) What can’t you live without? Sleeping in, dark chocolate and house music:)

6) Mac or PC? Mac—After having Apple I could never go back to PC. Love love my Mac.

7) Favorite Website? and I have a committed daily love for Scott Schuman and Garace Dore.

8) What makes you blush? Admitting my middle name is Lolita—after the opera, not the book. But try convincing people of that:)

Strategy and Outreach

Mike Dolan

1) What are you most passionate about? Making new ideas fun. There is no
reason you can’t make things both succesful and enjoyable.

2) What is your favorite ice cream flavour? Strawberry Tofutti

3) What social network do you love the most? Twitter. I’ve been called a
Twitter-aholic by more than one person. You can usually find out what
I’m doing minute by minute by checking out my feed.

4) What is your twitter handle? @EvilPRGuy

5) What can’t you live without? Long bike rides as often as possible.

6) Mac or PC? I never go anywhere without my Macbook, and it’s been that
way for 10 years. I also have a Linux box for games and general geeking

7) Favorite Website? I need my daily fix of the strange and geeky.

8) What makes you blush?  Red wine.

4 Responses to “Meet our New Staff”

  1. Peter Flaschner

    So awesome. So, so proud.

  2. Amrita

    Congrats on your expansion – not surprised as you are doing great work.

  3. braculus

    all the best team.

  4. luv

    Victoria professional content writer , make relationship and good blogger


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