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The Hills meets Social Media

Lucia Mancuso, 28 April, 2010 0 Comments

Last night I had the honour of attending the Hills Season 6 premier and
live taping of The Aftershow at MTV. The show was good but it was the
way that MTV handles social media that really left a lasting impression
on me.

The premier followed Kristin, Brody and the rest of the cast members
partying in Miami for Superbowl weekend and lest we forget: the official
Hills unveiling of the new and improved (?)
Heidi Montag.  Then Jesse and Dan discussed the show highlights
and had a bit of naughty back and forth with the audience during The

What you won’t get from watching online is the atmosphere MTV creates
during their live tapings. They created an intimate, communicative vibe
for both in house guests, and the web audience.

MTV treated the bloggers with style and courtesy. They welcomed Social
Media to the premises via a dedicated press entrance and seated us in
the balcony, which were the best seats in the house.  Everyone was
invited by the hosts to tweet and blog away. MTV’s policies were clear:
social media is welcome here, and so are your cameras, laptops and any
other electronic gizmmo you can think of. They provided a fast wi-fi
connection and encouraged everyone to take full advantage of it
throughout the show.  MTV is smart and they get it. They understand
social media and the influence that bloggers hold in their target
demographic, and did everything possible to ensure we had a good
time…and could easily tell our online friends what was going on.

It was cool to see the barriers between “formal journalism” and social
media fall away in this regard.  So many publications make it
crystal clear that these are two mutually exclusive arenas. We really
appreciated that bloggers were treated as press, because we are. Viewers
outside the studio were interacting with MTV via twitter, adding
another layer of inclusivity to the event.

I really enjoyed myself last night and was impressed by the scope and
spirit of the event. There were 90,000 viewers in North America alone
and I can’t wait to see what MTV brings us in the months to come. I
think a lot of this can be attributed to the influence of MTV’s new
community manager Casie Stewart, and I’d like to extend a thank you to
her for having The Blog Studio be part of the action.

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