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Google Buzz: First Look

Lucia Mancuso, 11 February, 2010 8 Comments

There’s been quite a bit of buzz about Google Buzz since the rollout
this week. Terrible puns aside, we’re always curious to try out the
latest, and possibly greatest tech toys and social media tools. Google
Buzz is no exception, and we couldn’t wait to get our grubby mouse
pointer all over it.


Because we’re special, important and extremely good looking, The Blog
Studio team noticed Buzz pop-up in our Gmail accounts late Tuesday
afternoon, so we’ve had a bit of time to take it for a test drive. The
easiest way to explain Buzz, which I’m sure Google will hate, is that
it’s a built in Twitter for your Gmail account. It also offers quite a
bit of integration with many social media platforms, bringing them all
into one easy to manage place. Buzz offers you the option to follow and
be followed by the people you Gmail with. While this isn’t anything
special, it is nice to use a new service that you don’t have to invite
your friends to. If you’re a heavy Gmail user, your contacts are already
in place. You don’t have to chase down your contacts and convince them
to sign up for something new. It’s been a while since we’ve experienced
that luxury.

You’ll notice a multi-colored balloon under the inbox icon in your Gmail
account, which is the Buzz button. When you click the button, you’re
brought to a screen that is aesthetically familiar to most Google
users. You’re offered the option to use your Google Public Profile as
your Buzz profile, or you can create a new one. Next, you’ll see your
photo icon, with a comic book like speech bubble coming out of it. This
is where the action happens.

You can type a random thought snippet, similar to Twitter, or post a
picture, video, or a link. You have the option of sharing this
information publicly, with your followers, or keeping it completely
private. The interface is nice, and it definitely has that Gmail
snappiness to it. It feels very solid right out of the gate.

Look down the page a little farther, and things start to get
interesting. You’re given the option to connect other social media sites
you participate in. This very simple interface allows you to link up
your YouTube, Blogger, Flickr, Google Reader and even…your Twitter
account to Buzz. It works like a charm. I imagine over time, Google will
begin to offer support for more and more services as the number of Buzz
users increases. Whenever you update one of your other social media
sites, your buzz followers will see that update in their stream. It’s a
social media catch all. There’s a mobile, location based sharing feature
as well with features similar to Foursquare.

Google has managed to bring your entire online life into one place, with
no hassle and no fuss. It’s just there. It’s like Friend Feed on
steroids with great UI. You can comment on the updates of the people you
follow, ‘Like’ their updates a la Facebook, or email that person, all
from the same screen. In the short time we’ve been playing with Buzz, we
can already say it’s extremely convenient. If you spend a lot of time
in Gmail as it is, you now have access to all of your other social media
networks right from your inbox. That’s a timesaver as well as a
powerful sharing tool.

We haven’t really scratched the surface of all the features and
potential uses for Buzz. Hey, it’s only been 48 hours, give us a chance!
It’s too early to make any predictions, but we’re betting Buzz is
hugely popular in the very near future. With so many built in Gmail
users, and the simple to understand interface, Buzz may be what brings
microblogging to the masses. We will say this: for hardcore social media
geeks, Buzz is a convenient way to ride herd on all the accounts you
have. What does everyone else think so far? Leave us a comment and let’s

8 Responses to “Google Buzz: First Look”

  1. Dean J. Baker

    interesting to see this – thanks

  2. Lucia Mancuso

    Your Welcome Dean. We are still learning more about it but the more we use it the more we like it.

  3. David Fono

    Yeah, glad to see other people taking the bold step so I don’t need to.

    The big impediment for me, which I haven’t seen anyone mention, is
    simply that I don’t use gmail—at all. Every time I read about buzz, the
    first thing that’s mentioned is that it imports all your gmail contacts.
    Having none, and feeling like a secondary use case, I’m automatically
    (and foolishly) inclined to believe that everything will be much more
    difficult and annoying. Another friends list to build? Hooray!

  4. Michael

    Hey David, that’s a good point. Personally, I’m a huge Gmail user,
    for both personal and business, but I absolutely see your reasoning.
    Part of it is Google trying to rope in more people to their ‘G’ family
    I’m sure. The upshot is that if you are interested in using Buzz, Google
    offers a few fantastic tools for importing contacts from nearly every
    contact format imaginable, from Apple Address Book to plain old Excel
    spreadsheets. Buzz also has some tools to link up Buzz with your Twitter
    and Flikr accounts as well. Definitely let us know if you give it a try
    and what your thoughts are.

    -Mike @TheBlogStudio

  5. zack swatch

    I believe google is buzz is the new concept that Google try to
    impress their client and I also believe in 2 years their will become one
    of the popular tools in the internet

  6. 20DollarLogo

    I love the Google services everyone of those. they have now entered
    the social media market. at this point of time i am not a big fan of
    buzz but i am sure google will make it interesting. I use Gmail for my
    business and personal use and i agree with your point.

  7. mawargemilang

    thnaks very much lucia.. :)


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