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No Cheerleaders Allowed! Join The Blog Studio and Friends for a Social Media Battle Royale

Lucia Mancuso, 19 January, 2010 1 Comment

It’s an exciting time to be a geek in Toronto! Social Media Week
Toronto is headed your way, and of course The Blog Studio will be right
in the thick of things. We’d like to invite all our old friends, new
friends and friends we haven’t met yet to join us for a good time on at
our offices on February 1, 2010.

Leave your pom poms and megaphone at home! We aren’t hosting a panel,
we’re not giving a talk and there definitely won’t be a slideshow. There
will be good eats, cold booze and Toronto’s smartest people (that’s
you!) having an honest discussion about what is actually going on in
social media. We aren’t selling anything, we don’t have an agenda, and
social media ‘gurus’ and ‘mavens’ will be stopped at the door.

I’ll be your hostess with the mostess, while we all sit down for a chat
about our industry that might end up anywhere. Submit your questions and
RSVP beforehand
I really hope to see you there. There are some more details below, and
keep your eye on Social Media Week site to find out what else is going
on during Social Media Week: Toronto.

No Cheerleaders Allowed: An Honest Conversation About Social Media

You ever get the feeling that the social media ‘experts’ are only
telling half the truth? Do you get the distinct impression that the Big
Time social media mavens and gurus are painting a pretty picture because
it benefits them directly? We do to.

Join Managing Director of The Blog Studio, Lucia Mancuso, for an
intimate, no holds barred discussion about the on the ground state of
affairs in the wired world. Submit your questions anonymously
beforehand. Then join us February, 1. 2010 at the The Blog Studio space
in downtown Toronto for apps, booze and a rollicking discussion about
what’s really going on. No punches pulled, no smoke and mirrors and no
self-proclaimed experts. Just a diverse group of smart people who engage
the social media space talking about their ideas and concerns.

Afterwards we’ll compile a list of the sharpest, wittiest, nastiest and
most useful answers to see if we can make sense out of what social
media is, and what it might become.

Please RSVP as soon as possible. Space for this event is very limited.


One Response to “No Cheerleaders Allowed! Join The Blog Studio and Friends for a Social Media Battle Royale”

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