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Lucia Mancuso, 28 July, 2010 3 Comments

I am still reeling from the physical reality of the iPad itself, along with the deluge of applications that come along with it. Recently launched ‘Flipboard’ is causing quite a stir. Is it set to shake things up, or do we have another Google Wave on our hands? The personal online magazine features intuitive content,

The Guggenheim Bienniale

Lucia Mancuso, 21 July, 2010 0 Comments

The Guggenheim is hosting a worldwide bienniale in partnership with YouTube, and promises to be the biggest thing the art world has seen since...


Lucia Mancuso, 19 July, 2010 0 Comments

Twitter has found a new, and potentially lucrative feature to expand their relevance. This new official twitter account is a “dedicated deal” venue whereby...

Life In A Day

Lucia Mancuso, 14 July, 2010 0 Comments

I read the news today, oh boy/ About a lucky man who made the grade… Ridley Scott and YouTube have been inspired by social...

The OMDC Presents ‘Digital Dialogue’

Victoria Kuketz, 08 July, 2010 0 Comments


The Blog Studio was invited to Government of Ontario’s “Digital Dialogue” conference regarding the future of Canadian media. Hosted by the Ontario Media Development...

Twitter Tools

Victoria Kuketz, 05 July, 2010 1 Comment

Whether you are new to Twitter or a die hard addict, chances are you have a set of favorite Twitter tools you enjoy using....

NXNEi Recapitulations

Victoria Kuketz, 22 June, 2010 0 Comments

What a whirlwind NXNEi was for The Blog Studio. We dove right last week to join and learn from the digital conversation. NXNE’s panelist...


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