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Powerful Impact: Branding With Colours

Lucia Mancuso, 08 October, 2009 4 Comments


Colour selection is a key element when building a strong brand. At The Blog Studio, colour selection has always been an element that clients seem to struggle most with. Some clients overlook the importance of colour in branding their product or service, while others are unable to decide on a colour that best reflects the

WordPress 2.8 Upgrade Special!

Lucia Mancuso, 11 June, 2009 3 Comments

WordPress 2.8 was released today, and brings some notable improvements to the platform. Enhanced widget control, over 790 bug fixes and many speed improvements...

Earlier today, Lucia and I gave a talk at WordCamp Toronto about the changing blog design marketplace, and the opportunities that we see for...

Guide to Using Expression Engine v 1.6.4

Lucia Mancuso, 24 February, 2009 9 Comments

Expression Engine is a flexible, feature filled web publishing tool that we love using here at The Blog Studio. If you’re not familiar with...

A few hours ago, a high priced consultant told a friend that blogs were a fad, and not worth the author’s time, and that...

Guide to using WordPress 2.7

Lucia Mancuso, 15 January, 2009 14 Comments

Back in October we posted a WordPress tutorial for version 2.6.2.  Mike created another guide for Version 2.7 since it looks quite different. Link...


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