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First look at WordPress 2.9 Carmen : It will make your life easier.

Lucia Mancuso, 21 December, 2009 3 Comments

WordPress 2.9 ‘Carmen’ just
hit the street, and this update has some really useful new features.
We’ve spent some time with Carmen (named for jazz chanteuse Carmen McRae),
and have written a short rundown to let you know what to expect when
you upgrade, aimed at the everyday end user. This update is an
especially big win for media heavy bloggers and inexperienced WP users.

The most exciting improvements can be found in the way WordPress handles
images. While we love WP, we’ve always found the image handling a
little clunky, and it’s the most common complaint we hear from users.
Carmen adds a feature packed image editor to the WP dashboard. It’s now
possible to resize, crop, flip and scale images right inside the
program. This is a huge improvement that will save you time and trouble
of having to edit images in a 3rd party app, and the fly them into WP.

The image editor works beautifully, and photos fit painlessly into the
post. Images look the way you’d like them to look in your posts on the
first try. Say ‘Goodbye’ to the old system of editing, inserting an
image into the post, viewing the post, and going back to do it all over
again. This feature is a huge win for bloggers that include many images
in their posts, or users who aren’t familiar with image editing


Carmen also makes it dead simple to handle video embedding, which was a
bit of a nightmare before.  Video embeds usually required a plugin,
and many times the video formatting ended up looking funny in the post.
Now, you just paste the video URL on its’ own line in the post, and the
video will show up. That’s it’s. It couldn’t be simpler. WordPress 2.9
supports most popular video upload services including YouTube, Google
Video, Flickr, Hulu, Viddler and many more. We gave this a quick test
this morning with some videos from YouTube and they went up without a
hitch. This is a big time saver, and will let users add video with zero
hassle or technical skill required. If you can paste a link, you can
embed a video in WordPress 2.9.


Though not as flashy, Carmen overhauls the WordPress Plugin upgrade and
compatibility system. One of the best things about WP is the staggering
amount of useful plugins available, and most users have at least a few
installed. The new system allows you to update your plugins as a batch,
up to 10 at a time. It also improves the way WP checks plugins for
compatibility with WordPress updates. As time goes on, the feature will
become more useful as more plugins, and WP itself continue to release
new versions. You can upgrade without having to suffer through plugin/WP
compatibility issues.

At one point or another we’ve all accidentally deleted a WP post, and
lost some sleep because once it’s gone, it’s gone. Not anymore. Carmen
includes a powerful Global Undo feature. Now, when you delete a post or a
comment, it goes into your trash, where it can be resurrected. As
developers we LOVE this feature, because we no longer have to tell
clients that the post spent hours working on is gone into the ether

There quite a few less glamorous technical improvements going on in the
background too. The most useful is that WP now supports rel=canonical,
which is nice bonus in the SEO arena.

WordPress 2.9 Carmen has only been out for a couple days, but we’re
already deeply impressed with the new features. Carmen takes two of the
most frustrating aspects of WP, image and video handling, and completely
overhauls them to make your life easier. The next time you create a
post, you’ll immediately notice a difference in how simple it is to get
media into your posts. The next time you accidentally delete a post, and
can recover it, you’ll want to kiss Carmen on the mouth. The other
improvements, while aren’t as obvious will become useful over time. As
usual the brilliant people working on WP have cleaned up the code,
stomped out some bugs and tightened things up all around.

Should you upgrade? Absolutely. The only reason not to upgrade would be
if you rely on a certain plugin that is currently incompatible with
Carmen. Other than that, you should switch over as soon as you can. It
will simplify your blogging, and make using WP an even better

If you’re currently using a previous version of WordPress, you’ve got a
lot to gain from this update. At The Blog Studio, we’re currently
offering an upgrade to the latest version of WordPress for $150! The
service includes a backup of your current site and database (an
essential, yet often ignored step), as well as performing the upgrade

If you are comfortable performing the upgrade yourself, upgrading to WordPress 2.9
couldn’t be easier. Login in to your WordPress Dashboard, and you’ll
see a link that asks if you’d like to upgrade your installation. Click
it, and in 30 seconds you’ll be ready to go. We didn’t have any issues
at all, and the process was ultra fast and painless. You can also go the
more technical route and download the package and perform the upgrade

As always we’d like to take a second to extend a huge ‘Thank You’ from The Blog Studio, to the wonderful people who write, update and improve WP. You’ve done another excellent job and we appreciate your efforts.

3 Responses to “First look at WordPress 2.9 Carmen : It will make your life easier.”

  1. Tony

    Do you know of any resources or user reviews for wp 2.9. I’d like to
    read up before installing it. WordPress is good for some things but yes
    it had issues with images. Let me know



  2. Mike -

    We use wordpress 2.9 and have had great success with it. Images can be confusing but once you get use to it, its not that bad.

  3. Elle

    I agree, it really isn’t that bad once you get into it!  Best of luck!


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