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Powerful Impact: Branding With Colours

Lucia Mancuso, 08 October, 2009 4 Comments


Colour selection is a key element when building a strong brand. At
The Blog Studio, colour selection has always been an element that
clients seem to struggle most with. Some clients overlook the importance of colour in branding their product or service, while others are unable to decide on a colour that best reflects the brand.

Choosing the right colour is worth the time and effort. It has
reported by current marketing research that approximately 80%
what we assimilate through the senses is visual.


More than Personal Preference I often hear clients say, “I don’t like
red. I don’t like green. I don’t want it to be blue, but I love pink.”
These comments are based on personal preference. It is important that an
individual like the branding and design of their product and website.
It is equally important to think of what emotions are evoked by the
end-user in response to your colour selection.

Colour can be a tricky topic to negotiate.You have to step into
clients’ shoes, and ask how they perceive the colour choices for a
project. Do they have the same positive emotional response
you have?
Examine your colour design choices from every possible angle,
aesthethics, and the geography of your audience.

Color choices may signify one thing in the West, and have a different,
wholly opposite meaning in the East. The best colour selection
personal preference with public perception.

Emotions Associated with Colours

Colors, like smells and sounds, conjure an immediate emotional reaction in people. As a designer, it is necessary to know the emotions that are associated with the
different colours
. To denote calm, excitement, or complexity to your clients, thought
must go into choosing the right color.
You need to figure out how people respond to colours used in a specific
design capacity. You must choose colors that will bring
emotional impact, while appearing attractive.

Consider how your clients will respond to colour choices. Part of this
is knowing
which colours evoke emotions that represent your brand and
industry. A company within a conservative industry may not want to use
loud colours, because they lack the needed gravity. Then again, a
company could purposefully use an unexpected colour to distinguish
itself from the competition, but it must be a carefully considered


Colour selections can complement one another, or contrast one another.
There are strategic uses for each case. Colours that complement each
other are more appealing to the eye. Colours that contrast each other
can help items stand
out. Decide which is a better fit for your project
right in the beginning. It will
make selecting the correct palate much


You may have created the most gorgeous site or logo, with an exquisite
but if no one can read it, it’s an automatic failure. Colours
play a practical role in how people receive information. As most people
realize, black on white is the easiest to read, on paper and on computer
screens. The most legible of all
colour combinations are black on
yellow, green on white, and red on white.

Here are some simple guidelines to help you choose the right colors for nearly any project.

Tips on Choosing Colours for Emotional Impact

  • Of the primary colours, blue is considered the most calming
    and suppresses appetite. Red is said to increase blood pressure and
    heartbeat, while yellow evokes cheerfulness. Children tend to prefer
    primary colours.
  • Nonprimary colours are more calming than primary colours. Pink is
    said to enhance appetite, while black (like blue) suppresses appetite.
  • Colour shade also matters when trying to evoke different emotions.
    Green gives the feeling of nature, calmness, and freshness, but certain
    shades can also give the feeling of envy and
    possessiveness. Black can
    be gloomy and scary, but can also be elegant and sleek. Red can be
    associated with the joy of Christmas, but also with blood.
  • Colour can help determine the worth of an item, so choose
    thoughtfully. Forest green and burgundy appeal to the wealthiest 3% of
    Americans and often raises the perceived price of an item.
    orange is often used to make an expensive item seem less expensive.
  • Too many colours can make things busy and chaotic, which generally will make a website less user-friendly.

4 Responses to “Powerful Impact: Branding With Colours”

  1. xaby

    For this:

    Choosing the right colour is worth the time and effort. It has
    reported by current marketing research that approximately 80%
    what we assimilate through the senses is visual.

    Will you be able to quote the source? Im curious

  2. Lucia Mancuso

    My source for the statement is: That article has their sources written at the end of the article. Hope that helps.

  3. Elle

    I love this entry!  I completely agree that colors can impact
    the emotion of a potential client or buyer!  Great
    information.  Thank you for sharing! ;)

  4. Lucia Mancuso

    Thanks Elle – I’m glad you liked the post.


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