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Guide to Using Expression Engine v 1.6.4

Lucia Mancuso, 24 February, 2009 9 Comments

Expression Engine is a flexible, feature filled web publishing tool
that we love using here at The Blog Studio. If you’re not familiar with
this content management system, take a peek at their website and check out how feature rich this system really is.

For all you new users download our getting started guide here –> Basic Guide to Expression Engine. This guide covers a few of the essential basics to help get you started & comfortable with the control panel.

We will update the guide as feedback pours in – so please feel free to leave you questions or comments.

9 Responses to “Guide to Using Expression Engine v 1.6.4”

  1. Eric Yaillen

    Just had our site redesigned using Expression Engine.  Enjoying it thoroughly

  2. Max Cameron

    Hey blog studio and world. Thought i’d let you know that we started
    to combine all of our strategies for managing instances of Expression
    Engine into Capistrano recipes. We are already using this in multiple
    projects and it’s starting to become very handy. Expect this to be more
    fleshed out soon. Feel free to watch the progress on GitHub.

  3. Web Design Quote

    I read about Expression Engine here, and decided to take a look at
    what they have to offer, I was pretty much surprised to see a list of
    different handy tools. I’m in process of using it in my current project,
    and the results are good.

  4. Web Design blogs

    yes Expression Engine is very easy to customize.

  5. Mike

    Yes this is very easy to customize. Thanks for the good resources

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    Yes this is really easy to tailor. Thanks for sharing the links.

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  8. montana

    wow. expression engine is a total piece of garbage. I’m surprised
    that anyone would *intentionally* use it, especially when there’s about
    fifty frameworks that can run circles around it freely available. I
    think I’d rather have my at least one of my fingernails removed with
    pliers than use that software.

    try concrete 5 or wordpress … anything but this expression engine…

  9. Muishbelo

    Those are some nice photos :)


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