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Free WordPress Advice

Peter F, 09 December, 2008 7 Comments

I’ve been spending a bit of time each day helping people with their
WordPress, blog design, and template questions on Twitter. It’s really
fun, and it’s already led to some new work. Deb from Aligned Structures sent us a direct message over Twitter two days ago, and we’ve already wrapped up a bunch of tweaks and changes to her site.

If you’ve got questions, I’d love to help if I can. Follow, and address your question us using @theblogstudio. I’ll do my best to answer any and all comers!

Twitter is an amazing tool. Much like blogging, it can help you find people interested in the same topics as you. Try using twitter search
to search for keywords relevant to your interests or your habits, and I
guarantee that you’ll find something you didn’t know before.

7 Responses to “Free WordPress Advice”

  1. AlignedDeb

    Hey Blogstudio!  Thanks again for the amazing design.  Here’s some things I LOVED about the process:

    1. You were fast! WOW! like speedy gonzalez!

    2. I was included.  It’s important to me to be a part of my
    designs.  Some people prefer to hand the whole thing off and not
    see it until it’s baked.  Me?  I liked the collaborative back
    and forth.

    3. Your work was brilliant!  From the reverse tab at the top to the treatment for the blockquotes.  Inspired! 

    So let’s see: Fast, responsive, brilliant.  That’s quite a package! 

    A great “experience” all the way around.

    Will definitely tell all my friends. :)

  2. Bob Wilson

    Thanks for being here.I have a question regarding placing themes on
    my site. The theme that came with WordPress works just fine, but when I
    try to add a new theme I get an error saying there are no templates or
    style sheets and they don’t work or even show with the default theme
    that came with WP. Also I would really be interested in your free theme
    that you are working on.



  3. Peter Flaschner

    Hi Bob, it sounds like the theme files aren’t being uploaded
    properly. The files should be uploaded via FTP to your server, and put
    in the wp-content folder. Inside that folder, you should see another
    folder called Themes. Stick the themes there.

    Does that help at all?

  4. Ravi


    I agree your blog.Thanks again for the amazing design.

  5. Bob Wilson

    Thanks for the help. Tried again, and it all loaded

  6. anorsestola

    Hi Everybody – Wow, what a great forum

    Just registered and wanted to say hello.

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