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Sneak peek at our upcoming free WordPress Theme

Peter F, 28 November, 2008 3 Comments

It’s been ages since we last released a free
WordPress theme. I’m kind of embarrassed about it to tell the truth!
I’ve started at least 10 free theme blog designs over the intervening
years, but something or another always comes up. This time though, I am

In the spirit of forcing myself to finish this thing, I thought I’d show
you a bit of a teaser. The image below is very much a work in progress.
Certain elements will probably make it through to the final, while
others won’t. The theme release is about a week away. It will be our
holiday gift to you.

So without further ado, here’s a wee look:


3 Responses to “Sneak peek at our upcoming free WordPress Theme”

  1. Assaf

    She’s beautiful Peter.  Nice and clean yet very cool and new looking…very fresh.

  2. Christian

    Looks good..Looking forward to see the final Themes!

    Happy new year to all !!

  3. raman

    hi…looks cool and interesting …good luck


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