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Experiments in SEO

Peter F, 20 November, 2008 0 Comments

For years, The Blog Studio has sat near the top of Google’s results
for “blog design”. Not only was our home page keyword rich, but we had a
ton of incoming links, and we’ve been doing this for longer than 95% of
the rest of our little industry. Recently though, we’ve slipped off the
first page.

I think the drop in position was timed with our
redesign. One of my goals was to reduce the number of words on the home
page. I wanted to let the video and the work speak for itself. In
retrospect that might have been a bad decision. Looking at the folks who
have taken over “our” position on the search results, the thing that is
most obvious is that they have a LOT of written content on their home
page. I’ve made some adjustments to the home page to lengthen the post
excerpts, and rejigged the layout slightly.

As of today, we’re the 13th result for “blog design” on google. I’m
going to give Google a few days to see if this change has any effect. I
will, of course, report my findings!

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