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Experiments in SEO update

Peter F, 24 November, 2008 6 Comments

If you recall, late last week, I made a number of small changes to
this site to see if I could gain back some of the google juice we
recently lost. I think our drop in position is related
to a decision I made to reduce the number of words on the site’s home
page. I made some tweaks to the home page layout to accommodate longer
post excerpts.

Five days have passed, so I thought I’d have a look at the search
results to see if we’re ranking any higher for “blog design”. We are,
but only by a single spot. However, looking at the cached versions of
our site on Google, I see that the site hasn’t actually be indexed in
about 6 days. So, the changes to the home page aren’t yet being
reflected. Should be interesting to see what happens. As a side note,
the search results for “blog design” are very volatile. I see a lot of
change in the listings from day to day.

I’m chomping at the bit to try a couple of other SEO tweaks, but I’m
trying to be smart about this by making one change at a time, so it’s
effect can be measured.

Next up: waiting to see what effect the home page change has, then diving into meta description. Fun!

6 Responses to “Experiments in SEO update”

  1. seriocomic

    It will be interesting to see how much your “on-page” efforts pay
    off. While I don’t advocate ‘keyword density’ as an SEO measurement, the
    phrase ‘blog design’ currently only appears 4 times (once in the
    title), ‘blog’ 55 times and ‘design’ 10 times.

    If you changed the content during the redesign making it less ‘relevant’
    to that key-phrase then you might find that the ranking less

    If the extended post excerpts don’t relate to those key-terms it would be surprising to expect any significant change.

  2. Peter Flaschner

    Thanks for the comment Mike. I did re-write the home page content in
    the redesign in order to better reflect our broader skills (ie, not just
    blog work). In that sense,I did make the content less relevant to a
    search for blog design.

    My goal with these content tweaks is to bring that emphasis back. To
    that end I’ll be tweaking the copy, and making sure the post excerpts
    are more on target.

    BTW, if I don’t have much success with my own experiments, I’ll be looking you up for some professional help!

  3. juler

    It is really frustrating sometime waiting for Google to index sites
    or blog… This happened to my blog… nonetheless i think you should be
    patience sooner or later you will be indexed.

    btw, thanks for visiting my site.

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