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Etiquette for editing a post?

Peter F, 02 November, 2008 4 Comments

Ok people, what’s the etiquette for editing a post?

Let’s say you post something to a site. A couple of days later you
re-read it, and cringe at some particularly clumsy turn of phrase. What
do you do?  For the sake of argument, let’s assume you’re not
changing the value or meaning of your post. You’re just making it read
better. Do you:

A. Just go in and fix the section.

B. Leave it be if it’s an hour or so since hitting publish.

C. Edit the post, but include a note.

D. Somethin’ else.

I’m leaning towards A myself, but I’m sufficiently unsure as to write this post!

4 Responses to “Etiquette for editing a post?”

  1. Kevin

    A or C.

  2. Lucia

    For myself personally it would definitely be A. I think the choice is up to the post author.

    You never know when somebody is going to read a post – it could be months after it was created.

    I figure if I go back to a post I created and I realize something is off
    - why should I make any more users suffer then I already have.

    We do so many things in a day, to error is human. I like humans.

  3. Michael Caputo

    I agree with A or C, depending on how long it has been since the
    initial post has been made, and if there has been a large amount of
    discussion going on in the comments already.

  4. Adam Kayce

    A, since you’re not adding new information. Why not? Could someone
    actually get miffed that you changed “I ate the cheeseburger after all,
    and it was yummy” to “I ate the cheeseburger after all… yum.”?

    If you were adding something new, updating your position having learned
    something else, etc. (e.g. “I ate the cheeseburger, and 12 hours later,
    had to go screaming to the w.c.”), then I’d go for C.


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