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A look inside the design process: The Blog Studio redesign.

Peter F, 17 November, 2008 0 Comments

During the redesign and rebranding process we launched a few months
ago, I made a bunch of screen shots of the work in progress. Reviewing
them gives a really interesting look into how the site developed.

As you’ll see, I started with one clear idea: make use of watercolour to
create a bit of a sophisticated feel. Through a gazillion revisions,
you can see that idea develop. I went pretty far down one path, but the
intent in the original use of the watercolour had been lost. I literally
wiped the slate clear of all colour, and immediately felt like I had

In retrospect, I may have gone a bit too far on the dark colours in
reaction to the visual direction of the earlier versions. Perhaps it’s
time to tinker a bit!

As an aside, looking back at this slideshow posted below, it’s
interesting to see how may versions the scan of the watercolour went
through. I was determined to find a way to use it!

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