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Guide to Using WordPress

Lucia Mancuso, 30 October, 2008 3 Comments

Here at The Blog Studio, we’re always looking for ways to help our
clients get up and running quickly. Be it, WordPress, Expression Engine,
or even a custom built CMS. We thought that to help our clients out,
and to also help anyone else looking to get started with blogging, we’d
offer this handy WordPress guide on what to do with the Control Panel.

TBS-Wordpress_Walkthrough.pdf <– Link to the guide

This guide was created by Mike Caputo our fabulous developer. The guide
barely touches the surface of what this CMS is capable of doing,
however, we think that we’ve covered the bare essentials for someone who
is getting started with blogging. These things include basic tasks

  1. Adding Categories to posts
  2. Adding Tags to posts
  3. Adding Pages
  4. Adding links
  5. Entering basic content
  6. Entering custom field data

We will update the guide as feedback pours in – so please feel free to leave you questions or comments.

3 Responses to “Guide to Using WordPress”

  1. Ryan Blaind

    Cool guys, grabbed a copy. Looking into creating something similar for our clients only for ExpressionEngine.


  2. Deborah

    Hey guys, Nice work!  I’m just starting out in CMS development
    and I appreciate all the help I can get… I’m also a fellow Torontoian
    living in New York city. Enjoy the holidays!



  3. Lucia Mancuso

    Hey Ryan

    We have created one for EE – just wanted to sit on it for a bit to make
    sure I didn’t miss anything. It should be posted in the next 24 hrs.

    Thanks Deborah – I know how it feels to look for CMS help and everything
    seeming advanced level advice, when I just wanted to find some simple


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