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Effects of redesign on traffic

Peter F, 08 October, 2008 0 Comments

Just how much traffic of a spike will a redesign cause? Obviously
it’s different in every case. Since we relaunched our site last week,
we’ve seen traffic jump by an average of 300%. If we were an ad-supported site, that would translate into significant increases to our bottom line.

To be sure, this won’t last forever, but after a traffic spike, the
daily average is always higher than pre-spike levels. Statistically
speaking, the extra traffic should result in an increase in requests for
work. I expect that we’ll recoup our investment in just a few months.

As the blogosphere matures, we’re starting to see a lot of redesign
work. Smart folks are realizing that a new design will help give them a
competitive edge, and can result in significant traffic increases.

In addition to total visitors, a site that is well designed can increase
the average number of pages viewed by each visitor. If your revenue
depends on page views, a redesign can make a *huge* positive impact.
Hmmm, do I smell a case study?

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