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Colour shift between browsers

Peter F, 14 October, 2008 2 Comments

As if we didn’t have enough trouble getting sites to render across
browsers! Once upon a time I knew that Safari rendered colours slightly
differently than other browsers. That’s one of those arcane bits of
knowledge that is rarely useful outside a bull session with copious
amounts of beer and my fellow web designers. But it was driven home just
now when I happened to have the same page up in both Safari and


The root of the cause and it’s simple solution is best explained in this article.
To summarize: it’s the colour profiles stored with the images. Safari
honours them. Others don’t. Frankly, I prefer the way Safari handles it,
and wish other browsers would follow suit. By specifying a colour
profile, the designer can more accurately predict the way the image will
look on a variety of monitors.

I believe I am over-simplifying things somewhat. No doubt someone will
tell me that we’re always going to be dependent on how the user has his
or her monitor configured. Still, I’ll take some control over none,
thank you very much.

2 Responses to “Colour shift between browsers”

  1. Ryan Blaind

    Hey Peter, this used to bug me to no end, until I read this article, which quickly advises a workaround.


  2. smart baby secret

    very nice performance. I like it.How can I install it?


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