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Thanks for your support

Peter F, 16 September, 2008 0 Comments

To my colleagues, friends, and clients: thank you for your amazing
heartfelt support while I reel from my dad’s untimely death. A couple of
people have asked me to share the eulogy I gave a few days ago. I’ve
posted it on my blog.

My family and I are hurting pretty badly, but we’re learning how much
we’re loved, and are really taking that lesson to heart. As I wrote
recently on Twitter, this past week I’ve had the opportunity to tell a
lot of people that I love them and truly mean it.

It’s a sad truth that we often don’t know what we have until we can
compare it to it’s absence. I’ll feel much better if you can all take a
minute to just feel what you have, and send some good vibes to your
friends and family.

As often happens during emotional times, I’m feeling pretty charged
up creatively, and am psyched to dive into design. I need a couple of
days to be with my family. Following that I’ll be greatly relived to
jump into work.

Finally, I want to give a huge public hug to Lucia, Adam, & Mike
for keeping things zipping along while I’m away. You’re the best.

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