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Super Simple E-Commerce Plugin for WordPress

Peter F, 03 September, 2008 4 Comments

Over the years, we’ve designed and built over a hundred blogs, and
have spoken to hundreds of people about their online needs. One thing
we’ve seen time and again is that people want a truly simple way to do
e-commerce on WordPress. There are a handful of plugins out there that
purport to turn WordPress into a full bore e-commerce application. We’ve
tried ‘em all and have come away unsatisfied. WordPress does many
things very well. E-commerce is not one of them.

Talking about this in the office today, we realized that most of the
folks we consult with are looking to do fairly basic e-commerce on their
WordPress site. They want to test the waters, and sell somewhere
between 1 and 20 items. They do not have, and do not want to pay for a
merchant account to process credit card payments. They want to see if
e-commerce is going to work before dropping 10 grand on a full-on
e-commerce setup. It’s for this group that we’re building the
as-yet-unnamed super simple e-commerce plugin.

The current crop of e-commerce plugins for WordPress suffer from
similar shortcomings. Many were built in the early days of WordPress’
development and either override or ignore many of the improvements made
to recent WP releases. Many are overly complex. And some are just
horribly built.

We reached our own internal tipping point this week when a plugin
claiming to work with PayPal flatly refused to cooperate. There were so
many things wrong with the plugin, and the code was so convoluted that
we finally decided to build our own. Leaning on those hundreds of
conversations I mentioned at the start, we realized that we owe it to
our clients to build a dead simple, rock-solid, totally modern
e-commerce plugin designed from the ground up specifically for those
with a modest number of items to sell.

Once the plugin has been thoroughly tested, we’ll release it to the
wild. We’re a few weeks away from that yet. As we get closer to the
release date, I’ll share more details with you through the blog. If
you’re interested, be sure to grab our feed, or sign up for updates via email in the form at the bottom of the page. Happy blogging!

4 Responses to “Super Simple E-Commerce Plugin for WordPress”

  1. Chris Mewhort

    I agree! A nice and easy e-commerce plugin for WordPress is EXTREMELY needed, Peter. Can’t wait to see it and give it a try!

  2. Peter Flaschner

    Hi Chris,

    I *think* Adam made some good progress on the plugin this week. He’s
    charging full steam ahead on it, so it should be ready soon.

  3. Yoram


    is there any progress or timetable when you gonna release the plugin
    into the wild. Or is the project dead? I hope not—like Chris said: «easy e-commerce plugin for WordPress is EXTREMELY needed».

  4. Renee

    Please let me know when the simple ecommerce plugin will be available. It will be revolutionary, I believe!

    Keep up the good work. Adios!



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