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Stepping into the Daylite

Lucia Mancuso, 21 September, 2008 0 Comments

It is official. We finished our trial month using Daylite and we have purchased it as our new project management tool.

We now have one place that we can store all of our project information that is easily accessible for everyone from anywhere.

Daylite allows you to create projects, add contacts, add customizable
forms, assign tasks, create pipelines, attach emails, schedule
appointments, write notes… the list goes on and on.

Being that I manage all the contacts, clients, tasks, etc… I can
truly say daylite turns me on. I know that is sad – but I just love a
good organizational tool.

The feature that adds opportunities is fantastic. I now have a place
where I can look back at all my communications with prospective clients,
contact info, notes, budgets, timelines, etc…

However, one of my three wishes would be to modify the way the
software handles tasks – it has a feature allowing you to create views
showing a specific persons incomplete tasks, complete tasks etc… however
the views for the tasks leave something to be desired. I really wish
they broke down the tasks by projects as opposed to just lumping them
all in a list on the screen.

You can create a report to view the tasks per project but I think
that should just be a feature that you don’t need to create a report to
view. I want to click on the tasks icon at any given time and see all
the tasks listed under each project and a side column showing who that
task is assigned to.

The other feature I would like to see is the ability to view a
calendar where I could block time off for everyone to work on projects
daily. So not only could I assign a task, I could assign the time and
day the task will be worked on (currently I can only assign the due

All in all – I must say, it is making my life much easier and it has
only been a month. The more I work with the software the more I’m
discovering features and it really is amazing how you can customize so
much of the software to adapt to whatever organizational needs your
business may have.

I’ll keep everyone posted on my new findings as we keep working with
the software. I’d love to hear about anyone out there using Daylite and
their thoughts.

I encourage anyone out there in need of a project management tool to
download their trial. I’m personally grateful for stepping out of the
darkness and into the Daylite… ok it was never really dark but there
were gray shades for sure.

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