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Introduction Time

Lucia Mancuso, 09 September, 2008 0 Comments

As I sit here at my desk, trying to get a start on my day, I can’t
help noticing I still haven’t introduced myself here at The Blog Studio.
So, before I can find a reason to procrastinate, my name is Adam Thody
and I’ll heading up the TBS development “department”.

A little about me – I’ve been in the development business for a
decade now. I started designing and developing websites as a teenager,
and by the end of high school I was building training applications for
Fortune 500 companies. Needless to say, that didn’t come without
countless hours of research, training, practice, and an undying passion
for the craft. I’m hot-blooded about what I do and it shows.

I’ve always had an eye for art, and enjoy designing websites, but it
has become rather clear over the years that I get a lot more pleasure
from analyzing thousands of lines of code, looking for inefficiencies,
and honing endlessly for optimal performance. Sick, I know.

Outside of work hours, I love spending time with my lovely new wife,
our doofus dog JP, and climbing rocks whenever my childhood sporting
injuries will allow.

That’s about as long as I can bare talking about myself, so I’ll just
say I’m extremely excited to be working here at The Blog Studio, and I
can’t wait to get started on all your fascinating projects.

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