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Introducing Adam Thody

Peter F, 02 September, 2008 0 Comments

I am one seriously lucky guy. Beautiful wife. Awesome kids. Great little business. And one heck of a team.

Over the years, Mike, Lucia and I have managed to build some pretty
impressive web sites. But our dark little secret is that none of us is a
true programmer. We’ve been on the look out for a top end developer for
ages, and are pleased as punch to finally announce that not only do we
now have a programmer on the team, we have Adam freaking Thody.

Adam is a
developer’s developer. The wealth of knowledge and experience he brings
is breath taking. I don’t know how he knows as much as he does, but he
knows it inside and out. Having him on board greatly expands our
capabilities and puts us a quantum leap ahead of where we were.

The story of how Adam came to join The Blog Studio is serendipity
defined. Adam and I met years ago when he commented on a blog post I’d
written looking for advice on non-disclosure statements. One thing led
to the other, and we met and hit it off. We talked about partnering on a
new business, and went so far as to design a logo and work out a
mini-business plan (notice the priorities in that statement!). One thing
led to another though, and our individual businesses suddenly started
to take off, and there was no time for anything else.

Flash forward a couple of years, and Adam called me up after seeing my call for developers
(I’ve had a haircut since then). He was ready for a change. Working by
yourself is a lonely business, and Adam wanted out of the house. We met,
we talked, we all clicked, and that was basically that.

I really cannot express how happy and relieved I am to have Adam as
one of the core members of our little team. I can now concentrate on
what I do best, and offer my clients a far superior range of services.
The quality and speed of our work has already shown a marked
improvement, and we’re just getting started.

With a bit of coercion, I hope to get Adam to start adding some posts. Email him at adam at with your development questions and I’ll make sure he tries to answer you in a blog post.

Please join me in raising a glass or two of your favorite beverage to Adam. Cheers!

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