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A new look for The Blog Studio

Peter F, 30 September, 2008 3 Comments


Finally, after months of work, I am very pleased to unveil The Blog Studio’s new website!

Big thanks to everyone here on the team for helping make this live. A
huge shout of thanks is also due to all my twitter friends for your
insight and advice.

We had a couple of concrete goals with this redesign. The web and blog
design market has matured greatly over the past few years, and our old
site didn’t reflect the quality of work we’re doing today. We needed to a
better job of showing the range of our capabilities, and wanted to
highlight the full-service nature of our studio. Visually, the new site
is a bold departure from its previous iterations. Under the hood the
whole code base was rewritten and optimized. We actually took our own
advice, and built a site that’s easy to update and maintain.

Just this morning, we shot and edited a new introduction video. We’re using Vimeo, and have embedded the movie right on the home page. Check it out!

I’ve got a ton to say about this, but deadlines are pressing, so off I must go. If you’re reading this in a feed reader, please come on over and check out the new design.

3 Responses to “A new look for The Blog Studio”

  1. John Thompson

    Hey guys, the site looks great!

  2. john

    I saw this its really great thompson.Thanks to u.Lots of valuable information its contains.



    <a >FSBO</a>

  3. Deanna Castro

    Wow!  I’m glad I came over to the site from the reader it looks great.


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