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Work section updated and a few notes on the impending redesign.

Peter F, 12 August, 2008 0 Comments

I just added a bunch of updates to the work
section. Like the coming redesign of, this update was
long overdue. It’s really interesting to me to hear which bits of work
people prefer. I’m never sure what to include in the portfolio. Some of
the designs I’m less crazy about are other people’s favorites. We’ll be
launching some quite a few bits of major work over the next couple of
weeks, so look for the work section to get another update soon.

It’s because of all that work that this site hasn’t been updated yet.
The redesign itself is close to complete. It takes a biiiig step away
from the current look and feel, and introduces our new branding. While
we deeply love The Blog Studio name, it doesn’t fully convey the scope
of the work we do. The purpose of this rebranding and site redesign is
to address just that point.

Here’s a sneak peek:

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