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Packing up to go offline

Peter F, 19 August, 2008 0 Comments

Instead of writing this, I really should be packing. Tomorrow morning
I’ve got a 6 hour drive with the kids and dog up to my favorite place
on earth, Killarney Provincial Park. No place sings to me quite like this.

Getting ready to leave work is a harrowing experience. I’ve checked
and doubled checked, and everything is covered. I’ve got an extremely
capable couple of partners manning the desks back at the ranch. Still,
it’s hard to shake that “what did I forget” feeling.

While I’m away, I hope to be taking tons of photos with my new camera. I’ve got what feels like 100 pounds of art supplies packed and ready too. Creatively, this should be a blast.

I’m back September 1, and I’ve got a couple of big announcements to make when I’m back. Enjoy the rest of August everyone!

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