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How to get me to read your post.

Peter F, 17 August, 2008 0 Comments

Bloggers: I am your target market. I am the person you want to have reading your content. But guess what? I’m overwhelmed. The web is incredibly noisy and filled with eye candy.
To get me to read your posts, they must follow these rules:


    • Use excellent typography and be easy to read.


    • If you use images, make them large and sprinkle them throughout the text.


    • Use video whenever possible. It’s nearly impossible for me not to click the play button.


    • Make regular use of headings.


    • Use bold and italic to make it easy to pick out key words as I skim. I skim a body of text before I decide to read it. Give me a reason to double back and read your words.


    • Use lists


    • Be as brief as possible.



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