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Theme Customization Confessions

Peter F, 09 December, 2008 1 Comment

I have a confession to make. I love customizing existing themes. I’ve designed within the confines of a pre-existing theme a couple of times now. It’s fun. It’s easy, and pretty fast. Design brain candy, if you will. I can’t show you the work yet, as it’s still underway. But I did want to let

Free WordPress Advice

Peter F, 09 December, 2008 7 Comments

I’ve been spending a bit of time each day helping people with their WordPress, blog design, and template questions on Twitter. It’s really fun,...

It’s been ages since we last released a free WordPress theme. I’m kind of embarrassed about it to tell the truth! I’ve started at...

Experiments in SEO update

Peter F, 24 November, 2008 6 Comments

If you recall, late last week, I made a number of small changes to this site to see if I could gain back some...

Experiments in SEO

Peter F, 20 November, 2008 0 Comments

For years, The Blog Studio has sat near the top of Google’s results for “blog design”. Not only was our home page keyword rich,...

You want economic stimulus, we got it right here! For the remainder of the month of November 2008, all new design projects will receive...

During the redesign and rebranding process we launched a few months ago, I made a bunch of screen shots of the work in progress....


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