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New (School) Year Resolutions

Peter F, 04 September, 2007 0 Comments

This is a monumental day in my life. Both kids are heading off to
school for the first time. This is a big deal for more than the obvious
“closing one chapter, opening another”. It’s the first time my whole
family is getting up early.

Until now, the girls have been going to half-day kindergarden. They
didn’t need to be in class until 1pm. Having to have two kids at two
different schools by 8:30am is a whole different story. It’s the start
of a new regime, and as good a time as any to review and tweak my own

The big thing I hope to change is the productivity of my mornings.
While I enjoy getting up early, and having a couple of hours to ease
into the day, I don’t succeed in getting much actually done. Design
inspiration doesn’t usually strike until later in the day. Instead of
fighting that, I resolve to use my mornings to research the latest and
greatest in blogs and social media.

Keeping up with the changes in this space has become a full time job.
I resolve to use this blog to condense my findings into digestible
morsels. This will serve to create some accountability, and to push me
to think through the ever changing blog landscape.

My record for sticking with resolutions is so-so at best. That said,
they usually involve doing something that goes against my existing
momentum, ie changing my eating, changing my sleep/wake habits, etc. I
have good hope for this resolution though. It just formalizes something
I’ve been doing on auto-pilot for a few years now.

What about all of you? Any back-to-school resolutions on your end?

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