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Blog Design: Hello my name is Scott

Peter F, 13 September, 2007 0 Comments

started at the airport. I was waiting for my flight to be called, when I
recognized a guy sitting a few rows away from me. More specifically, I
recognized his name tag. “Hello”, it read. “My name is Scott”.

“Hey Scott!” I said with some excitement as I walked up to him. “I read your blog” I told him.

Scott has a very successful blog at
Scott has made a name for himself by writing about approachability, and
by always wearing a name tag. He’s kind of a walking social experiment.
He’s also incredibly inspiring, and a total machine when it comes to
creating captivating content.

One thing lead to another, and Scott and I exchanged cards. A few
months later, my phone rang, and Scott and I got down to the business of
redesigning his blog.

He was already using a customized Blogger theme, but it was looking
tired, and couldn’t gracefully contain the various widgets and whatnot
that had been added to the sidebars. The blog is one of Scott’s most
important marketing tools, and it needed to reflect his growing
expertise and credibility, and better position his books.

Designing Scott’s new site was fun for a couple of reasons. First,
the name tag is such an obvious thing to draw inspiration from. The only
trick here was to limit it’s use to key areas. Too much of a good thing
is still too much. Second, Scott had a fantastic photo for me to use on
the header. It’s a pure “super hero” shot. From the moment I saw that
picture, I knew it was going to be the star of the site.

The rest of the design came together around those elements. The site has a nice mix of rounded and square lines, the text is easy to read, and the overall contrast is easy on the eyes. The site does a great job of conveying who Scott is, and what he’s about.

Please check out Scott’s new blog, and let us know what you think of his new digs.

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