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Cleaning the feeds, seeing the light.

Peter F, 20 August, 2007 0 Comments

I’m back from 10 days in the bush, with the tan and scraggly beard to
prove it. There’s nothing like firing up the feed reader to find 5,000+
unread posts to motivate one to prune the tree a bit. This is always a
tricky thing. As blogging has exploded, the time I’m willing to dedicate
to keeping on top of it all has imploded.

In choosing which feeds to trash, I found that I instinctively
removed the a lot of the old A-listers in favor of the new B and
C-listers. (Note that I’m using the whole A-list thing as a short hand
for traffic, not to imply that there is anything special about the
writers). I’ve noticed that (like me), many of the original A-listers
have either stopped blogging, or simply link to other blogs. As an
aside, this is probably because of the success that blogging brought
these folks. Ironically, they’re now too busy to keep blogging!

As I’ve written previously,
I’m just average enough to act as an indicator for my cohort. I’m the
canary in the coalmine for my psycho-socio-enconomic-interest group. In
other words, if I’m dropping a bunch of feeds, I’m pretty darn sure I’m
not alone.

In other words, if I want The Blog Studio to remain on people’s feed
readers, I’d better start cranking out some decent content! Ironically,
during this latest lull in posting, our RSS subscriber numbers has grown. Heck, maybe if I keep up my non-posting schedule, we’ll crack the A-list ourselves!

So yes, this is another one of those posts that says “expect more
posts soon”. We’ve been taking blogging for granted lately. Which just
happens to be the topic of my next post ;)

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