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Book review: Design Matters // Logos

Peter F, 21 August, 2007 0 Comments

a book whore. Offer me a free book, and I’m all yours (yes, I’m that
easy). So when received an email a while back asking if I’d be
interested in a copy of a new book on logo design, it didn’t take me
long to say yes.

The book, Design Matters // Logos, from Rockport Publishers arrived a
couple of weeks ago. Knowing I’d need some reading material for an
upcoming holiday, I held off cracking the covers. I’m glad I did,
because when I finally did sit down to review the book, I ended up
reading it cover to cover.

See, this book differs from it’s logo gallery brethren in that it
offers a practical, step by step review of the logo design process.
It’s clearly written by people who care deeply about branding and logo

The book is laid out in sections: Planning, Creating, Implementing,
Case Studies, and Gallery. If you’ve read any of my design related
writing, you know I’m a huge proponent of planning. This book dedicates
42 pages to the subject. Each sub-topic is given a two page spread, with
plenty of examples and some terrific info graphics (Yes! Info!

This is a book for the professional designer, and as such is
immediately head and shoulders above many in this crowded publishing
niche. It focusses on strategy, not just the standard color/type/form
explanations we expect from logo books.

This is a very useful and inspirational book. The gallery contains
only a few logos I’ve seen elsewhere. The quality of the selections is
very high. The authors clearly have a passion for their craft, and it is
infectious. What’s more, it’s cheap, at under $30. Get all the details
at the publisher’s website.

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