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Peter F, 09 March, 2007 0 Comments

I’m baaaaack. Man, it feels good to be back with the tribe. I just had lunch with a couple of interesting guys.
One of us mentioned a website to check out, so we all whipped out our
Moleskines and index cards to make our notes. Between the 5 of us, we
had 7 Moleskines. Geek heaven.

I had dinner with Erik last night, and am going to connect with Scott tonight.

I’ve already had the very weird feeling that comes from meeting someone who reads my blog (not this one, this one).
Meeting someone who regulary reads my stuff makes for an interesting
dynamic. They already know so much about me and the things I hold most

Oh, I nearly forgot. While standing at the urinal a while ago, a guy
dressed up like Superman came and stood at the urinal next to me.
Frankly, I got my money’s worth right there.

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