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What’s a Tag?

Lucia Mancuso, 13 February, 2007 0 Comments

tag is keywords used in association with the content on a website,
bookmark, photo or blog post. People categorize their posts with a tag –
just like they may categorize their post with a category.

There are web services such as flickr (used for photos), technorati
(used for blogs) and (used for saving favorites) that use
tags to help organize and find information.

What tagging their post does is it helps when people are searching
for a specific key word to find information that anyone has tagged with
that key word. People can use different tags for the same resource and
you can use more then one tag for the same resource.

Here is an example of why this works:

Thousands of people work in the branding industry. When they write
information on the web they can tag it with the word branding.

If those people are looking for other information on branding they
can go to technorati and search for that tag and see all blog
information that has come up with that tag OR they can go to
and search for that tag and see any favorites people have saved with
that tag.

You can read on how to contribute to the technorati tag pages”>here.

Tagging is a topic that can be discussed in much further detail. At
this stage I just want to give you the basic definition of what this is
for easy understanding. I will soon post more information about tagging
and the more advanced ways to use tags for your posts.

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