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One single (and easy) step to increase comments for WordPress users

Peter F, 01 February, 2007 0 Comments

One of the goals I stated in my 10 blogging goals for 2007
was to increase the number of comments this site receives. This has
definitely been working – amazing how when you post something, the odds
of receiving comments is much higher ;)

In my research into building comments, I stumbled across something
that’s extremely useful, and extremely obvious: subscribe to comments.

Mark Jaquith recently released version 2.1 of his amazing subscribe to comments plugin
for WordPress. This brilliant plugin allows your readers to be notified
when a comment has been left on your post. By doing so, it encourages
ongoing interaction between your site’s readers.

How many times have you left a brilliant comment, and forgotten to
check back to see if there’s a reply? If you’re running WordPress, you
can make that a thing of the past.

The beauty of the plugin is that all you need to do is install it –
there are no changes to the templates required. I installed it on Almost Cool just yesterday, and I’ve already seen an increase in comments left.

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