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How to Increase Subscribers by 50% in 30 Days

Peter F, 13 February, 2007 0 Comments

wants more subscribers. I recently made a couple of changes to this
site with the aim of growing our subscriber base. To date, the changes
have been extremely successful – according to FeedBurner, our numbers
have grown by 51.6% in the last 30 days. Here’s how I did it.

Use plain language and make subscription areas obvious

First, I made it really easy to subscribe. In the footer of every
page on this site, I added a large subscription area. The text reads “To
be notified by email when the blog updates, enter your email address
here, Or, subscribe via RSS using our handy dandy feed.”

This accomplishes two things: first, it’s omnipresent. Site users
don’t need to go searching for my subscription info – it’s right there,
prominent on every page. Second, I explain what site subscription is
about without using any technical jargon. Everyone knows how to enter an
email address – there’s no technological hurdle here at all.

I also dramatically redesigned the post footer area. If you view this
post on the site itself, you’ll see that between the end of the post
and the comment area is another subscription area. One might argue that
giving two locations on the page over to subscriptions is a bit much,
but the 50% growth in subscribers we’ve experienced tells a different

Ask and you shall receive

recently, I added a short video to the landing page users coming in
from a specific site will see. Watch this all the way through (it’s only
1:28 long), and you’ll see that I specifically invite folks to
subscribe. Anecdotal evidence indicates that this is especially
effective. I intend to do a lot more with video in the coming days and
weeks (just as soon as I get back from Florida – you should see my tan!)

Design works

To me, this is a pretty good indication of how design can have
specific, measurable impact on a site’s performance. Just think, what
would increasing your subscriber base by 50% do for your business?

I’m going to continue to tweak the design of this site in a systematic, methodical way in an effort to achieve my blogging goals.
I invite you to subscribe to our news feed so that you can be notified
when we post more useful tips to help you in your blogging adventure!

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