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How to add images to your post

Lucia Mancuso, 06 February, 2007 0 Comments

Uploading Images to your blog post is a basic but essential technique to add visual impact to your content.

Search your blogging software for an image upload feature. This is
generally the simplest and most straight forward way to add images to
your site.

One alternative is to sign up for an account on flickr, store your images there and then post to your blog.

Here are a few links that will help you depending on which content management system (blogging software) is being used.


When using wordpress: you can go to the following link to learn all about using images and file attachments.


In Expression Engine if you’d like to Post photos from your flickr account, here are a few links to the step by step process:

Here is how you upload photos to your post when using Expression Engine:


Here is a link to guide you through uploading images through Movable Type:


Here is a link to guide you through uploading photos using Flickr with Type Pad:

Adding photos to your blog post can also be spruced up by adding
borders and or design elements to your pictures. Stay tuned for tips and
tricks on how to make this happen on your blog.

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