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Bloglines 0, Google Reader 1

Peter F, 27 February, 2007 0 Comments


I’m sorry Bloglines, but our
love affair is over. It was great while it lasted, but after a couple of
years, your one annoying trait finally drove me over the edge. I’m a Google Reader guy now, and I’m not looking back.

You see Bloglines, Google Reader does something so smart, and so
obvious, that I couldn’t pass it up: it only marks an item as read once
you actually read it. Talk about revolutionary!

See, I’ve got my feeds organized into folders. They’re grouped by
type, so I can separate design blogs from marketing blogs and
productivity blogs from cool stuff blogs (major incompatibility!). The
thing is, in Bloglines, when I click on one of those folders to read the
feeds, each and every feed in that folder gets marked as read. This is a

I cannot count the number of times I’ve closed a tab or crashed my
browser, only to find that a bunch of my precious feed items have been
relegated to read status, without ever having had the opportunity to
distract me from the tasks at hand. Sure, I can request to view all
items from a given period, but that means that I have to wade through
everything I read before. Pain in the scroll finger.

With Google Reader, I can start and stop my feed reading at will. I’m
not committed to making it all the way through a folder at a single
sitting. I can jump from folder to folder, and never worry about losing
unread items. It’s just so easy.

Luckily, the switch from Bloglines to Reader is dead simple. In
Bloglines, click on edit on the left pane, then look for export. Save
your feeds info as an OPML file somewhere on your computer. Next, go to
your Reader account, and click on settings, in the upper right corner.
Look for Import/Export, follow the simple instructions, and you’re done.
Reader even keeps your folder structure.

Given that it costs about $0.00 for either a Bloglines or Reader
account, and given that it takes about 2 minutes to move your data, I
highly recommend giving Reader a try.

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