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16 reasons businesses should be blogging

Peter F, 12 February, 2007 0 Comments

Hey – I’m in Florida at the moment, soaking up the sun, so this will
be short and sweet. I was asked the other day (while in the swimming
pool no less) why a business owner should be blogging. Here’s my quick

great value – can’t beat the price

expand your reach – take your business global

find new markets – take advantage of the long tail to do what you really love

turn customers into evangelists

create dialog with your clients

find hidden opportunities – see find new markets above

force you to think about your business – an often overlooked benefit of writing about your stuff regulary

build relationships with your most vocal customers

replace yellow pages – know anyone under 30 who uses the yellow pages?

spread buzz

humanizing – puts a face and personality to the business

create top of mind awareness

build trust-based relationships

build time-based relationships

tap into strong branding power

take advantage of virtual word of mouth marketing

This list is woefully incomplete. What else should I add?

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